Paint Technic

Expert Car Bodywork Repairs & Resprays

What we do? Get your car back to showroom condition.

If you need top quality repairs to your car's bodywork, paintwork, tyres or interior, get in touch with Paint Technic today.

Paint resprays | Panel supply | Panel replacement | Bumper scuffs, dents & scratches restored
| Interior plastic & upholstery repairs | Alloy wheels & mirrors | Plastic welding | Motorcycle fairings & petrol tanks

Other specialist services are also available including commercial fit outs. Just ask if we can help and if we can, we will.

Making an insurance claim following an incident? Remember, you are NOT obliged to go with your insurer's recommended repairer. It's your legal right to choose who fixes your car. Choose Paint Technic and we can guide you through the process.

Car Resprays - Aberdeen

Paint resprays

Touch-ups to full resprays

Get your vehicle's paintwork looking as good as new. From tiny touch-ups to complete resprays, Paint Technic's experienced technicians get the job done using the latest techniques. Call us.

Car Panel Replacement - Aberdeen

Panel replacement

Accidental damage repairs

From a crack to a catastrophe, your car's damaged panels can be repaired or replaced by Paint Technic. We've seen it all and fixed it all, so give us a call today so we can sort your car out – quick.

Car Scuffs and Scratches Repair - Aberdeen

Scuffs, dents, scratches

Smoothing out the bumps

Paint Technic can smooth out a little dent, polish out a small scratch or buff a bumper for a perfect finish. Contact us so we can rub out your car's imperfections.

Car Dashboard and Instrument Panel Repair - Aberdeen

Interior plastic repairs

Instrument panels and dashboards

Dashboard and instrument panel repairs can keep the inside of your vehicle looking as good as the outside. Speak to Paint Technic to find out how we can get your plastic parts perfected.

Repair Car Interiors and Damaged Upholstery - Aberdeen

Interior upholstery repairs

Tears, rips, burns or stains

Your car's upholstery – leather or fabric – has to be tough to handle the wear and tear of daily driving. If your carpets, seats or interior are damaged, let Paint Technic seamlessly sort it. Call us.

Car Broken Mirror Repair and Alloy Wheel Restoration - Aberdeen

Alloy wheels and mirrors

Statement finishing touches

Scuffs to alloys and knocks to mirrors are a frequent occurrence and can take the shine off your pride and joy. Let Paint Technic's experts restore them back to looking their best. Contact us.

Car Plastic Welding - Aberdeen

Plastic welding repairs

Smarter fixes

Paint Technic are experienced in carrying out repairs using plastic welding which can be a better – and more cost-effective – solution to a problem than full panel replacement. Call us to ask about it.

Commercial Van Fit Outs - Aberdeen

Commercial fit outs

Bespoke solutions for your business

If your profession requires a vehicle that's fitted out with the right equipment in the right layout, Paint Technic can help put the pieces together and complete the puzzle. Talk to us about your project.

Motorbike Fairings Repair or Spraying - Aberdeen

Motorcycle fairings

Fairings – and petrol tanks too

Motorcycle fairings to reduce air drag can be fitted or repaired. We can also take care of any motorcycle petrol tank casing work. Give Paint Technic a call today to discuss what you require.